rner of her mouth and shouted at Kim Tae-yeon, “So I let Abba use your name…” ! Kim Taeyeon turned her head back and gave Kim Ha Yeon a fright, and quickly trot a few steps to jump away. Tilted her head and confronted Ouni. Kim Taeyeon pointed at Kim Ha Yeon: “What did you just say in my name?” Kim Ha Yeon looked at Kim Tae Yeon bravely: “I know I am a bit late to practice now, and it is not easy to be selected. But O’Neill also has status in the company, so I asked Abba to secretly find the senior teachers of your company. I hope next time…” “You dream. Kim Taeyeon interrupted: “What’s your sister and me, do you still want to jump into the fire pit?” ! “Pointing to Kim Ha-yeon, Kim Tae-yeon said: “Besides, you never thought of being a star. This year, I was 17 years old and said that I would join the company as a trainee. Do you think it is so easy? Will you be guaranteed to be red if you make your debut…” “s. m definitely can. “Jin Xiayan said: “The worst is the level of fx.” I am content. “You knw w

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