shook his head: “Any price is not enough to change any situation. Shops of the times.”

“Why?” The

maid was startled and frowned. If the past can be changed, but the shops that move with time are not affected, it is tantamount to denying the omnipotence of the shops. .

This is a view that can 西安夜生活网 almost break the perfect ability of the shop.

“Why not?” Boss Luo looked at Yuya at this time, with eyes like chaotic stars, and whispered: “Because our time is completely independent.” The

maid opened her mouth subconsciously. With her talent, almost When Boss Luo said these words, he realized it.

The time of the shop is completely independent from all the sub-worlds, and even independent from the cracks of the dimension. 西安夜生活第一论坛网 Therefore, no matter how the time of the sub-world is disturbed, it will have no effect on the shop in another time axis.

Otherwise, after becoming the owner of the store, there will be no independent and unique existence of the owner in Endless World.

Why does he want to spread his legend, why he searches for the original, nothing more than to enable himself to be independent and unified in the endless world!

But he can’t spread 西安耍耍网 his legend in the original, where is the unity? perfect

“I should have thought of it” The maid lowered her head and muttered something.

Boss Luo smiled at this time and said: “Actually, the ability to communicate with me no matter in the past or in the future has no harm from the beginning, but I need to be able to understand the truth. This time the chaos , It’s 西安夜网论坛 going to be a thing of the past.”

Above the huge black sphere, a gap suddenly opened. In the gap, a gray hazy brilliance burst out from Joe’s body, like a meteor, directly crashing into the teacher

Pu Lin in the center of the square! Bang! !!

The moment the black ball swallowed the square, Vasco, Brother Tom, and the black cat all stayed away.

In fact, Brother Tom instinctively feels that he is not very afraid of this 西安夜生活第一论坛网 black ball, but it seems that it will be troublesome after a lo

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appreciate it at all, and stared at him motionlessly like a demon. The stone room was quiet for a while as if the mute switch was pressed. The light from that eyeball blazed a bit more like a glare, and then disappeared without a trace in just a few breaths. His eyes couldn’t adapt to the sudden change in brightness, and Richard could barely see what seemed to be a dark shadow rushing up the roof. He blinked twice to adjust to the brightness, only to see that it was an upside-down beast. The whole body is pitch black, only a pair of eyes are eye-catching, and they are looking around vigilantly. There was a big hole in the eyelid of the Titan’s remains, and the inside of the eye socket was empty. It was obvious that this little thing came out of there. Lord Lord couldn’t help being surprised, and the group of demonic blinds involving dwarves in the mysterious realm was really unreliable. They wanted to inherit the inheritance of their ancestors, but they didn’t expect that the Titan’s source material would really deteriorate during the long storage period, giving birth to a new life. Richard guessed that there should be some snakes, ants and beasts one step ahead of the dwarves. By chance, they inherited the source material, or it could be a natural derivative like the legendary dragon used teeth to plant kobolds, but anyway, the dwarves must be one There is no way to get it. This kind of change was far beyond what the dwarves expected, and they immediately exploded the pot, hula la rushed to gather directly below, for fear that it would fall and fall to death. Nehru looked up, and said blankly, how much can I make up for after stewing it, Richard responded quickly and pinched the dog’s mouth, but it was too late. What are you talking about! An elder immediately retorted like a cat with his toes on his toes, and he must not be hurt. This is the survivor of the great Titan! This is not bad. After all, the soul is higher than the blood, and the inheritors who pass down the origin and quality are more p