. Someone has stood up, and the bright iron is under him.

as if the air were turned into a lead stone, stacked on top of each Rao chest, we are prepared to be strict, party think Lorenzo is the enemy of the people, and the other also have the same idea.

numbness flooded Lorenzo slowly opened his hands all over the body, and then suddenly showed a strange smile to everyone present. The next moment he grabbed the shotgun in the dressing room and suddenly 西安夜网论坛 raised and fired.

Times have changed! Your lord!

Luo ! Renzo smiled wildly, looking like a demon king.

this The sudden change makes everyone surprised. You feel like you are going to single out everyone here, but what’s the matter with suddenly pulling out a shotgun?

Even Hercule, who was about to turn over the bar and rescued Lorenzo, was taken aback by Lorenzo’s trick.It felt like 西安夜生活论坛 Lorenzo was bragging about the words that were full of compulsions just now.

The thugs were too 西安桑拿网 scared to move. At this distance, the firepower of the shotgun was almost lethal, and there was no chance of rescue. The broken projectile would directly smash the person.

Lorenzo pulled the trigger, Nothing happened in the sound of the sound. Normally, there would be scattered bullets smashing the thugs in front of 西安夜生活网 him.He fled in a hurry under Lorenzo’s firepower, but in fact, after Lorenzo pulled the trigger, only a little water came from the gun. The tube came out. A

dozen eyes exchanged intentions back and forth. In the roller coaster-like change, even the mobs who had been fighting for a long time did not react.

Lorenzo looked a little helpless and grabbed the barrel of the gun. , He blamed himself for forgetting 新西安夜网 these things. He had just crawled out of the Thames and the ammunition had already been flooded.

Sorry, let’s change the opening method!

Before these people could react, Lorenzo waved The shotgun, the handle of the gun slammed heavily on a Rao’s head, and as the shot fell, the great chaos officially began. The

screams, the fire, the wine bot

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