ittal 新西安夜网 guards.

Each of these policemen is only equipped with a short shot, and these Rittal guards, carefully selected, followed Qiao to the guards of the Imperial City, and their belts are at least four shots. Filled short guns.

There are a few guards who are frantic and fearful of insufficient firepower. They are like hawkers selling firecrackers, with a dozen shots hanging on their belts!

Draw 西安夜生活第一论坛网 the gun, fire, throw the blunderbuss on the ground, draw the gun again, fire again!

The smoke rose, and the playground became misty.

In the chaos, the soldiers of the blood axe battle group also launched a counterattack. There was a sudden sound of flying axes, flying knives, and crossbows. The policemen trembled violently, and they were hit by heavy flying axes and sharply flying. The sword and the crossbow pierced 新西安夜网 through the body.

The police force went into chaos and then quickly collapsed.

Many policemen failed to even pull the trigger, and were knocked to the ground by the intensive and frantic attack from the opposite side.

The distance between the two parties was so close. In just two or three breaths, most of the police fell, and Joe’s subordinates fell more than a hundred people. The 西安耍耍网 injured police wailed and were in pain, while Joe’s subordinates fell to the ground, gritting their teeth and making no sound.

A sharp police whistle came from the main street in front of No. 158 Qingsong Street. With the dull footsteps, the walls on both sides of the gate were knocked down with a bang, and a large group of policemen poured in like a black tide.

The new police officers are fully armed. They are armed with flintlock rifles. The front row of police officers is equipped with three-inch-thick iron shields. The shoulder-high shields are densely lined together to form a line. A solid line of defense.

“Put down your weapons, kneel and surrender!” A second-level police officer rushed in, riding a tall horse, with a large group of mounted police wearing half-length armor and holding spears.

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