his game is not luck, but just how much fear of death. If you are afraid, you will lose.

Sabo said, pulling the trigger , Nothing happened, cold sweat ran down the gap in the mask, Sabo remained calm, and then 新西安夜网 placed the revolver in the center of the table.

I know that this is a psychological battle, and the winner is always those who are determined, and That madman who is not afraid of death.

You will know.

Lorenzo took the revolver and put the gun on his head almost without any pause.

What kind of person do you think you are? A determined person, or a lunatic? Sabo asked.

Are you afraid? It’s too late for you to stop, I will take your hands, but you are still alive.

Pulling the trigger, it was an empty bullet slot, and Lorenzo dropped the gun to the center again.

At this moment, two shots had been fired, and the deadly bullet was hidden in the next four times. The

atmosphere was already hot and dry at some point. , The music became passionate, like the military music of 西安夜生活论坛 war, pushing the heavy enthusiasm like a wave, looking at the relief on the bullet nest, the ghosts and gods seemed to come alive, they fought each other and roared, finally in the sky full of The fire was reduced to ashes.

You are very courageous.

Sabo applauded and raised the revolver again, but this time the revolver was heavier and he had to use his best to hold it, and at this moment Lorenzo’s voice Youyou ring. You

know, all gamblers are desperadoes. We rely on that ruthlessness. We can’t show any timidity. Once you show it or even say that when you have that trace of fear in your heart, you have already lost. Just like a swordsman wielding a sword, even if he hesitates a little, his head will be chopped off by the enemy.

Do you think I am afraid?

Sabo felt like he was being ridiculed, and said angrily. He tried to pull the trigger, but under the cold touch, no matter how hard he used the trigger, the trigger would not move.

He should have no fear, but at this moment there are countless counts. Emot

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