ow how to deal with what happened at this time, so he resolutely chose to retreat, and as soon as he turned 西安夜网论坛 around, he rushed out of the terrace and jumped onto the wall of the terrace.

Luo Qiu said, “Everyone outside is looking for you. It’s not too late to leave after you are calm. At least it can be less troublesome.”

He squatted on the fence, holding both hands at the same time as the sound came. Ben was jumping, but he was startled at this time, the jumping posture was not completely completed, and his body was unbalanced 西安耍耍网 and fell down.

It really fell.


He whispered in horror, and his body suddenly fell from the wall and disappeared, but the next moment, one palm climbed up the wall again, and then the second palm.

At this time, the little head cautiously rose from outside the wall, inquiring about everything in the room, and saw the young man in the room walking step by step.

Luo Qiu had already given up anyway, even if he stayed in the room and didn’t go out, probably something would happen. Now he has an attitude of smashing the pot and smashing it as he has come.

The eyes are amber, and they are still peculiar vertical pupils. On the face with smudges and oil stains, you can see several symmetrical long beards.

“Orc?” The maid who came with Boss Luo recognized the origin of the thief at a 新西安夜网 glance.

It was like a switch, which immediately irritated him. The amber pupils showed a sharp sharpness. His hands pressed hard, and he propped up his body all at once, leaped high, and then moved from top to bottom. Luo Qiu and You Ye pounced.

Such a sudden attack would trigger Luo boss’s absolute defense from the club, Luo Qiu had to wave his hand.

Before he jumped, his body let a gentle force fan open, and then fell into the small swimming pool on the terrace.

Shattered, splashed all over.

The water in the small swimming pool is actually not deep, but outside the place, the thief who fell into the water actually drowned and saw him struggling desperately in the pool.

The c

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