few wild cats and dogs rushed past the corner of the street trembling.

Outside the front entrance of the Miller’s mansion, a small group of policemen wrapped in thick coats with gloomy faces, carrying a wire-wrapped whip, stood in a shelter on the side of the street, staring at a group of people working hard on the street with bad eyes. Hapless.

“Asshole of the City Hall!” The police could faintly hear the cursing in low voices.

They are the prison guards of a detention center in the imperial capital, and the unlucky ones who are slowly clearing the snow on the street are the rogues temporarily 西安耍耍网 held in the detention center, or other bastards who have not committed serious crimes but are only temporarily held for a few days.

Originally, cleaning up the snow on the streets should be specially allocated by the city hall to hire municipal workers to handle it.

He really got caught up in the evil spirits. God knows who is the big man who has eaten up and is so busy that he has a whimsical proposal in the city hall to save taxpayers’ taxes, save municipal operating costs, and use social idle resources more efficiently.

The official in charge of financial expenditure in the city hall immediately responded to the proposal of the big man and deducted the funds for clearing the snow on the streets.

Without the wages, the municipal workers will of course not work.

The prisoners detained in the Imperial Detention Center were taken to the streets by the 西安夜网论坛 prison guards, clearing the snow in the freezing wind.

This is an unprecedented thing after all, and no place in the empire has done such a thing before.

Therefore, the big figures in the city hall are a little shy and a little cautious.

They did not dare to let the prisoners take to the 西安夜生活第一论坛网 streets in broad daylight, but only when the sky got dark, they secretly let the prison guards escort teams of prisoners to the streets with various tools.

“How can we calculate our overtime expenses because of municipal expenses?” A tall prison guard curse

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