a small eyes, said: look, no matter 西安夜生活网 what the trouble is, I can solve for you, be sure to select my

three Ms how will I can’t guess what this son-in-law meant, but she really didn’t want to cause too much trouble, so there was this interruption by Fantas, and the captain was actually thinking along this line of thinking, so she was too lazy to say what.

Talk less and do more before you can really protect yourself.

After that, everyone chatted for a few words, and finally the captain asked his subordinates to stay and clean up the scene, so he took the staff and sent them all the way.

Because Fantas’s carriage had been blown up, on the way back, Fantas and the third lady got directly into Master Vichy’s carriage.

“Don’t be afraid, those remnants should not dare to come again tonight.” Master Vichy said calmly.

Miss San took 西安夜生活论坛 advantage of the right time to ask: “Master, what do you mean by the remnants?”

Master Vichy said casually: “It’s not a secret actually. It doesn’t matter if you tell you these remnants, they are actually the predecessors. , A survivor of a dilapidated Greek god system. At the beginning, our Huiyao Pagoda master discovered this place, so he had the idea of ??transforming it and creating a piece of pure land for all. Of course, there will inevitably be some obstacles in the process. In fact, we have also tried to communicate with them, hoping to coexist peacefully.”

Well, basically all the invaders in human history are of this kind of thinking. The third lady does not express any opinions.

“In the beginning they caused us a lot of trouble, but then it gradually subsided.” Master Veitch said slowly: “Later, these remnants 新西安夜网 were divided into two different opinions. On the one hand, we hope to live peacefully with us. Even later joined us Chiyan Pagoda Master and Binghan Pagoda Master’s couple, you know? They were the remnants of God’s Domain at the beginning. In fact, many areas are now divided to provide these original residents. Most of them are fantasy creatu

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