battlefield was focused on the Dimensional Destroying Cannon. Only in the middle of the Goddess Rank battlefield, an unremarkable Titan coldly stared at the dragons around the floating city. He quietly took out a scroll, Secret perspective unfolds. As everyone knows, his movements were all seen by the white dragon lord in the floating city, and the white dragon lord’s heart raised his throat. It is finally the critical moment to determine the outcome of the battle! If the Titans’ trump card hits the dragon, then the dragons are very likely to lose the battle that can’t be lost. If the dragons succeed in resolving the crisis, then the Titans will retreat in the destruction of the floating city. A group of black blood poured out from the scroll, surging in front of the Titan, and the energy fluctuations were evil and obscure. If the White Dragon Lord hadn’t been staring at it, it would really be impossible to find it. Heart of Urgoles! The heart of Ergules is based on the blood of the gods and evil Titans, supplemented by the blood of many powerful Titans. It is 西安全城安排网 full of the curse of the Titans on the dragon. The White Dragon Lord immediately understood that Titan’s goal was the many gods and evil-level dragons concentrated in the floating city, because it was hidden deep inside the floating city, and the penetrating power of the heart of Ergules was not enough to penetrate the defensive enchantment of the floating city. . The heart of Ergules left his hand, scattered from a mass into many small blood beads, and silently attacked the dragon clan. The lord of the white dragon immediately informed the many gods and evil-level dragons: Hurry and hide, the heart of Ergules. At the same time, it urged the floating city to welcome the scattered hearts of Ergules. Seeing that at the moment of the attack, the dragon immediately took action. The Titan understood that he had been found, and his teeth clenched 西安桑拿按摩 his heart in annoyance. The trump card that was guarded in advance failed to play its due role, the go

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