Meige Manor, has also become dark, and a bright red moon is quietly hanging behind the top of the minaret.

The clouds and stars 西安夜网论坛 in the high sky, At this time, it has disappeared, except for the huge red moon, it is the dark night.

Under the night, the flowers and trees are clearly in front of them, but there is no vitality, dim and hazy, and they seem to be far apart.

Black and red, shadows and buildings, quiet and plants, appeared in the eyes of Qunas Korg in such a peculiar posture. As the

pupils of this demigod were slightly enlarged, he responded without any hesitation. .

his left hand probe into the pocket, right palm toward the armpit, respectively, out of the two items.

among them, holding his right palm is a strange pistol, overall it was gray, big laps than ordinary revolver, Just like the giant hammer found in a small half of classical warfare.

The pistol is unusual in that it has six barrels, each of 西安夜生活论坛 which is quite thick and has a deep mouth. Its revolver is inlaid with ten. A few ugly rivets have a rough beauty.

Qunas Kohlger is holding an iron pocket watch in his left hand. On its dial, half of it is neatly arranged with various symbols, arranged in chronological order, half of it is chaotic and mixed, and even invaded the opposite area, and the two seem to be unable to directly behind the saw machinery at the core, 西安耍耍网 even become one, has a more complex structure even more dizzy.

almost the same time, the window of a silhouette highlights from the Red Crescent in the huge, great speed and glide to.

he It is getting bigger and clearer. He is a

young man with black hair and brown eyes, deep outline and cold lines. This young man is wearing a silk top hat and a black trench coat. He is holding a unique revolver in one hand, and the other is transparent. Covered with human skin, under the bright light, it seems to be carrying that huge red moon.

Gehrman Sparrow.

Chapter 80 is twice forbidden to

see a person wearing a black windbreaker in the red moon. The young man w

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