enzo’s mind.


Lorenzo didn’t really understand this nearly lost technique. His position in the Demon Hunter was a warrior and a Wei. He was the hand holding the sword, and the hand holding the sword did not need to know how the sword was made. The

recent incident is not just about the activity of demons

. Merlin.

Arthur suddenly interrupted Merlin in a deep voice, and the young but sick face turned towards Arthur, he said slowly.

There is no need to conceal anything. I believe Mr. Holmes’s quality.

are you sure 西安桑拿网 you know this crazy acting style? I have a thick copy of his dark history here.If it is sent to Suyalan Hall, according to Inervig’s law, he will stay in prison to death, of course, if he can live to two hundred years old.

Arthur can’t worry about Lorenzo’s strong sense of hostility.

Lorenzo on one side doesn’t care, just looking at Merlin’s slight changes in his eyes. It’s like a little more

sympathy for the same kind. After all, there are not many people with such a vision now. So on another topic, Mr. Holmes can I ask you a few questions?

Merlin looked at Lorenzo again. This seemed to be the first time that the two directly looked at each other. Merlin’s hollow eyes were reflected in the gray-blue eyes, and Lorenzo suddenly felt an unspeakable discomfort. Merlin’s eyes were as empty as a dead 西安耍耍网 person. It seemed that the soul under this body was no longer there, and now it is just a walking corpse.

What do you want to ask.

Lorenzo swallowed his saliva and sat upright.

Huo . Mr. Almers, are you aware of the train problem?

Lorenzo was taken aback, and it seemed that he didn’t expect it to be the problem of such a rotten street.

You mean that a train is coming rumblingly, with five people on one side and one person on the other. Should you sacrifice one person or five? ?

Merlin ordered.

So what should you do?

Lorenzo was silent for a moment, then the body slightly forward, like a hunting beast ready.

In fact, the nature of the problem is whethe

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