f the fierce battle in the blood will not feel anything, many people are only when the dust settles and the mood begins to relax, only to find that the physical strength has been severely overdrawn. The advanced system soldier comes with a little less state recovery function. For the barbarians and centaurs who have just been freed from a bloody battle, this recovery is also precious, so that they can at least maintain the physical strength for normal operations. . In contrast, 西安夜网论坛 the dwarf warriors are much more miserable. Their loss of physical strength can only be compensated slowly by rest, and many people are sitting on the battlefield unwilling to get up. Sendak, how about your casualties. Richard didn’t take a closer look, but roughly felt that it would not be able to beat the three-digit numbers. Once the gap between the two parties’ individual combat power crosses a certain limit in a war, the exchange ratio will soar to the point of exaggeration. For the wilderness people, the Alpine Fortress is basically above the limit, no matter how hard they work, they can only give it for nothing. But unfortunately, although the dwarf’s strength is good, it is clearly still below the limit. In the face of the huge disadvantage of quantity, the losses are inevitably heavy. However, this battle killed half of the wild man’s life, and absolutely no longer had the courage to watch the iron ore, and the strategic goals of the mountain fort and the dwarf were achieved. Richard yelled twice without getting a response, turned his head, and saw Robbie crying in the rain. Uncle Sendak is killed! He held a corpse in his arms, and nearly half of his breastplate was smashed in 西安全城安排网 by a heavy blow. From the cracks, he could see broken bones and flesh and blood inside. The continuous rain falling from the sky flows in from the gaps in the armor, but when it comes out, it is as clear as before, and it is obvious that the blood in his body has long been drained. When he walked over and squatted and lifted the helmet visor, Ri

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