level legend, 西安全城安排网 you also have the capital to expedition to other planes. The White Dragon Lord nodded. Under normal circumstances, the legendary professional can have the qualification to explore the alien plane, but if you want to completely conquer, the high-level legend is more safe. Because many alien planes have legendary natives, and it is very likely that there will be more than one. Merlin Tianli continued. But exploring the alien plane is not a trivial matter. The huge investment in the early stage, the risks that may occur at any time, and the resource exploitation, transportation, and sales after occupying the plane. Merlin Tianli smiled and said to Lord White Dragon. For newly established organizations, even the establishment of interplanetary portals is a considerable burden. Lord White Dragon’s heart sighed, and it seemed that the affairs 西安耍耍网 of Madylan’s world had been exposed. However, it was normal. The White Dragon Lord purchased a complete set of portal-related technologies, and the council could guess it. But Merlin Tianli absolutely could not imagine how lucrative Madylan World’s profits would be. The parliament can help solve the above difficulties, but the parliament also has a rule.The major organizations need to hand over 20% of the profits from the exploration plane to the parliament, of which 10% is used as the fund for the operation of the parliament, and the other 10% is used as a welfare. Assign to other councillors. This benefit is issued every ten years, so the two of you are about to get this benefit. Jinlong nodded, This is the main reason it joined the parliament-to obtain the right to participate in the distribution of benefits. Lord White Dragon 西安桑拿按摩 nodded in agreement. The number of different planes owned by major organizations is often only related to luck, and no one knows how long it will take for one to meet a different plane. The parliamentary system firmly binds the major forces together, which greatly enhances the internal unity of the plane. Merlin Tianli continued

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