o you think Mayfair is possible now? It’s in this sedan chair?”

“You mean, Miss Mayfair suddenly disappeared to exchange for a new sacrifice?” Boss Luo said suddenly.

“Look.” Dr. Geers sorted out his thoughts at this time, “Although we are not completely familiar with Mayfair, according to these few contacts, she has a kind heart and a sense of justice. Otherwise she She wouldn’t know that there would be dangers to 西安桑拿网 expose fake gods. It stands to reason that she should be able to think that even if she did, she would not believe her, but she still risked offending everyone in the end. It’s dangerous to say it bravely, and then she will be locked up in the end. What does this mean? It 西安夜网论坛 means that she might not have the heart to look at an innocent child because she has to replace her because of her escape.”

“Even if it is so, what can we do?” Tina shook her head: “If we stop her and ask her to do nothing, once today’s time passes, we can only start again.”

Grid But Dr. Leth said: “Before Mayfair went missing, I asked, there is a way to keep the sacrifice.”

“What way?”

“That is to successfully show love to the sacrifice at the celebration. “There is a legend about this celebration. If someone shows love to the sacrifice and can get the blessing of the goddess, then she may not only need to be a sacrifice, but can even be happy.”

“Goddess? “Tina subconsciously said: “This is the name of the deity enshrined in the temple?”

“No.” Boss Luo shook his head and said: “This is a legend.”

He will collect it from the 新西安夜网 mouths of beautiful elves, about two The legend of the goddess who created the elven tribe was shared.

“Two goddesses?” Tina was startled, thoughtful, and then smiled and said: “Mr. Luo was really asking for information. I thought you might be submerged in the sea of ??beautiful girls. Up.”

“They are more talkative.” 西安夜生活网 Boss Luo said casually.

Snape shook his head and said: “Even if there is such a legend, but the elves in this tribe are proud to be sacrifices, I am afraid that e

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