ing to the sound With the sound of running water, you can see a clear reflection on the water wall. Sister Guoguo’s water elemental spirit is standing in the water wall, looking at the magic pattern carved on the fountain base in a dream.

I stretched my hand through the wall of water, trying to touch the face of the water elemental spirit of sister Guoguo next to the reflection, but she seemed to avoid it.

Sister Guoguo’s water elemental spirit has been able to feel my presence recently, and there is still a subtle connection between me and Guoguo sister. She habitually follows me by my side. But I think she has begun to try to think, and sometimes she still looks at me in a daze. This makes me very scared, and 西安夜生活网 also very anxious. I always feel that maybe one day she will get tired of staying by my side, and then she suddenly loses her mind. I disappeared from my sight. If that was the case, I couldn’t find her at all, because I couldn’t touch the water elemental world where she was.

The world where the water elemental spirit of Guo Guo exists is the world of the water element. It is a wonderful space parallel to our world. Only when you incarnate into the body of the water element can you feel the existence of that world, and to do this. , At least you have to raise your level to level two or more than level 20. It is said that you can come into contact with countless water elemental elves at that time. Water magicians at level 20 will look for a powerful water elemental elves, and Sign a magical contract with it and become a stronger existence.

I must find a way to wake her soul as soon as possible before she turns on the spiritual wisdom, otherwise everything will be too late.

Standing on the water surface of the pool, I saw this three-story mansion-style building opposite the small square pool. This is my dormitory.

The front of the dormitory 新西安夜网 building is an artificially constructed pool, and the clear water surface can reflect the reflection of the entire building.

I can enjoy the ri

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