. Just being able to cast spells quickly can greatly improve my combat power. While his

thoughts flickered, Klein saw the scene change:

this time it was a magnificent room. There are various golden sculptures and decorations around.

It is the same voice from before, and it is also a certain point to mention:

“According to my experience, after taking this Faceless Man’s potion, you must remember one 西安耍耍网 thing. You can pretend to be anyone, but you can only be yourself.”

Sequence 6 of the Faceless Man “Diviner” Path It’s the “faceless man”. This should be the extraordinary ability that allowed Rosago to transform into Sergeant Fassin. From this point of view, the fake Zeriel Detective is also his role as

“creeping hunger” so that Zilingus can change People with different looks 新西安夜网 are very consistent with this extraordinary ability. It seems that some “faceless man” died in his hands. This ability will not improve the level of frontal combat, but on many occasions, it is better than 100%. Ninety’s extraordinary ability is useful. No wonder Rosago dared to come and kill, not afraid of falling into a trap. This ability is of great significance to me.

Thinking of this, Klein subconsciously opened his eyes and saw Rosago picking up a thin golden book page. There are many Hermes words written on it:

“Sequence 6, Faceless Man:”

“Main material: the pituitary gland of the hunter with a thousand faces, the characteristics of the shadow of the human skin.”

“Auxiliary material: the blood of the hunter with a thousand faces 80 西安桑拿网 Milliliters, 5 drops of black 西安夜网论坛 mandala juice, 10 grams of agrimony powder, and 3 deep-sea naga hairs. ”

Thousand-faced hunter, this seems to be a type of giant dragon, not particularly powerful type should not be a giant of the mind system The dragon, but also very rare, was close to extinction, and Klein instantly recalled 西安夜生活论坛 the corresponding mystical knowledge.

At this time, the scene in front of him has not changed, but Rosago’s dress and position have changed.

He wears a w

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