e reward is just a statement.

“Are you finished? I want to see it. Let’s look at the sports section.” George saw Albert closing the newspaper and said.

“If you need to in the future, you can advertise in the Daily Prophet, but I don’t know 西安夜网论坛 how much it costs at a time.” Albert murmured. He still doesn’t know much about the magic world.

“I know this. I’ve asked my dad. The advertisement that occupies more than half of the page is very expensive.” George pointed to the advertisement of Zhiguang Wheel 2000 and said, “It takes hundreds of Kanon, the other one is very cheap.”

He pointed to the advertisement that only occupies a small corner in the newspaper, and the ad line was only one sentence: “Mrs. Skoll brand universal magic stain remover: easy to remove stains !”

At this moment, the door of the carriage was knocked again.

Fred opened the carriage and found that it was the fat child with the round face standing outside the carriage.

When the four of them turned their heads and looked around, the boy seemed He looked very upset. 西安耍耍网

“We didn’t find Neville’s Toad, can you…”

“Can you help find Toad?”

“Yes, use the flying curse you just said.”

“You didn’t go to the student council chairman for help? “Albert pick pick brow, see the two men did not speak, pick up the wand and cast a spell begins on the table,” Neville’s toad coming. ”

soon, a toad actually flew through the window.

” Radford , Thank God!” Neville stretched out his 西安夜生活网 hands to protect the flying toad, exclaimed ecstatically.

“God his old man has no time to help you.” Albert teased.

“Why does the toad fly in from the window?” Hermione asked puzzledly.

“The toad just flew from another carriage.” Albert said to the round-faced boy, “If you don’t want to mess with it again.” Lost it, it’s better to put it in a cage.”

Chapter 361 Unchanged Things The

train slowed down and finally stopped.

Albert picked up Tom, who was napping, and put it back into the cage. Then, along with Fred, George and Lee Jordan,

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