In the whole Al, I It’s just a little person who is lucky enough to be bathed in the light of truth, but is insignificant.”

“I don’t have the authority, nor the courage to introduce you to a higher existence… This is something that discipline absolutely prohibits. Anyone who dares to try will usher in Severe cleaning by the sword bearer.”

The young man was silent for 西安耍耍网 a while, and he said softly: “Even if I join Al as a member of the Deren Empire…” 西安桑拿网

Justice Wilan lowered his voice: “Even the emperor, if the procedure violates the rules, it will be completely destroyed. Purge.”

“Ayre, bathed in the light of truth, is a collection of great wise men who are closest to the truth and the truth of the world…Ayre is above the secular 西安夜生活网 imperial power, 西安夜生活论坛 and Ayre is even above the divine power.

” Your Majesty, your status is honorable, but I must objectively say that the identity of the prince, within Al, is not as good as a carpenter who is innovative in technique.” The

young man gritted his teeth and was silent for a while, he grasped I picked up the neatly arranged fragrant wood strips by the fireplace, and threw them into the fireplace one by one. The warmth in the study rose up, and a rich fragrance was emitted.

“So, in the near future, will I have a chance?” Qing Young said: “You tell me, I need the guidance of the truth.”

Justice Weilun was silent for a while, and he put up a finger: “If you are willing For a sufficient price, there is a sixth-level senior bachelor near Hyderabad, who may be promoted to a seventh-level evangelist in a short time.” 西安夜网论坛

“The evangelist is promoted for the first time, and he has a privilege to take a child to bathe in truth. Light, become Al’s disciple.” Justice Weilun drooped his eyes and said calmly: “That senior bachelor is different from me. He has excellent talents and unlimited potential. He can become a higher master than me…”

“I am willing to pay all the price and pray for his guidance!” The young man couldn’t wait to say: “I am willing to pa

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