by the team-as long as they pay a tax of 25% of their value. Of course, if you ship out of the country, you need to pay an additional 10% tax.

These politicians turned the excavation activity 新西安夜网 into an out-and-out business and returned with satisfaction. In the audience, whether it is the big Ivan or the elderly Mr. Bosque, they have already reached the acquisition deal with the Ukrainian excavation team in advance. .

As for the so-called tax, the big deal is not to dig it out after the discovery, and wait until the event is over. Even as long as the officials who followed and the TV reporters were bought, the trophies with potential trading value would not appear on the unearthed list.

Generally speaking, no matter the organizer, the participants or the supervisor, they will make this event a success for their own interests. As for the things under the table, as long as they are not on the surface, there is nothing that cannot be discussed.

When the commemoration ceremony of the changed taste 西安夜网论坛 was over, the crowd visited the exhibits inside and outside the museum under the guidance of the receptionist, and then they were pulled back to the nursing home by the bus.

He did not leave the parking lot at all. Including Mrs. Anna, Mr. Bosque and the company commander Artem, several heavyweights in the industry who participated in the excavation were invited to the medical vehicle by Big Ivan and Nanjing 西安桑拿网 Longfeng. 西安夜生活第一论坛网 in.

“Yuri, Ivan, shouldn’t we be invited just to make us greedy for these work cars?”

Mr. Bosque smiled and joked, and at the same time called Fat Gary, who was standing behind him, to help Liu Xiaoye, for everyone present. Everyone poured a cup of fragrant coffee.

“If we show off our work car, I should stand outside the car now.” Big Ivan said with a grin, “I believe everyone will gain a lot from this excavation. Let us talk about it now. How about the business related to the trophies that are about to be unearthed?”

“Do you want to buy our trophies?” Mrs. Anna’s starting position,

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