Mr. Joker, the fist covering this holy armor, even more Directly bombard Farrell’s head.

All the power hit Farrell’s body, and there was no rebound. His body withstood these attacks like this.

But he still stood there blankly, motionless.

Caesar waved his hand suddenly at this moment, and the people of the doomsday myth moved away in an instant, but only the clown seemed to have found something funny, and his fists kept bombarding Farrell’s chest.

“I can’t break it, I can’t break it. Why can’t I break the monster-level flesh!” The

clown’s smiling face, under the burst of a bullet, has turned into a crying face!

Every fist The bombardment hit the opponent’s body firmly, but the opponent didn’t respond, just standing stupidly like this.

Finally, Farley Er raised his head and looked at the black light rising from the sky.

“They came back, they came back, they came back!! came back!!! I said, they are not dead, they will come back as I said!! You don’t believe me, don’t believe me!! “

He actually trembled.

This farrell, who is holding his head now and ten seconds ago, is still so powerful that everyone is desperate. At this time, like a madman, he uttered a panicked shout toward the black beam of light

######## ###


The mighty power of Chapter 42 [Holy Grail]

? “They are back”

At this moment, Farrell was 西安夜网论坛 trembling suddenly.

He then hugged his head and squatted down, no matter how the clown’s fists hit him, it seemed that there was no pain at all.

Finally the clown gave up and continued to attack this guy.

“I’m back!!!”

Suddenly, Farrell stood up, a violent breath radiated from him like a tornado. Between the astonishment, he had crossed the distance and appeared directly in front of the clown. .

Clown perception that Superman, was 西安夜生活论坛 actually the other side can not catch them the next action, incredible under his eyes, and saw Farrell direct hand ripped his body holy armor ripped his breastplate!

“Roll Open!!” After

tearing open the clown’s breastplate, Mr. Clo

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