nneth Toledo,西安夜生活论坛 where ten Galleons, but also do not help Kenneth Toledo copy recipes, this is entirely a non – trading.

” Wouldn’t you also configure Buffy Brain Rejuvenation?” George looked around and made sure that no one was eavesdropping, and then whispered out his doubts. He didn’t understand why Albert sold the formula, and he could use his ability Refining Buffy Brain Refreshing Agent for sale to other people, Albert had a similar idea before.

Although the rune eggs in the raw materials are difficult to obtain, it is completely possible to start from the black market. It is not better to make a big head yourself. You know that a bottle of Buffy Brain Rejuvenation has been sold for dozens of gallons.

“Alright!” Albert laughed and interrupted when George said that, “What do you think Buffy Brain Rejuvenation is? It’s not as easy as you think, and it is impossible 西安桑拿网 for an ordinary pharmacist to configure it. Just like I said to Kenneth Toller earlier, without superb potion skills and a certain level of practice, it is impossible at all. Successfully formulated the Buffy Brain Rejuvenating Potion. Just think about the potions that everyone prepared in the potions class. Do you dare to drink those things? ”

Let the students drink their own potions? It

seems that there was a case before, and finally He went directly to the school hospital.

Looking at the stunned three people, Albert couldn’t help shaking his head. He was still too young and took everything for

granted ! How strong is the potion level of Hertok Duggworth, Albert is still It is very clear that such a potion master would be afraid of making mistakes when preparing the Buffy Brain Rejuvenator, let alone other ineffective pharmacists.

“If, I mean if Kenneth Toler really try to configure Pakistan fee refreshing agent, then ……” Fred’s face suddenly became mad as a hatter, can not help but bring a bit of schadenfreude.

“Estimated to Paying a large amount of material costs, I have reminded him earlier.” Albert shook his hea

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