re sense than Klein habitually weigh a bit, immediately blows the excess idea, indifferent 西安夜网论坛 gaze Dani Zi, waiting for his opening.

Dani Zi expression Opened his mouth solemnly, but couldn’t say anything, so I had to laugh twice and said to Anderson:

Do you have the formula of the’conspirator’ potion? Yes

. Anderson smiled, but I don’t plan to sell it to you.

Danitz’s face turned black in an instant, but Anderson continued nonchalantly:

What’s the point of getting the’conspirator’s 西安夜生活论坛 potion formula now? You try to upgrade now

, you must be out of control! Friends, you play again Let’s play the’Hunter’, followed by the’Provocateur’ and the’Arsonist’, heh, the’Giant’s Heart’, you’d better find the’Artisan’ to make a defensive magical item, or I am afraid of you when He was beaten to death.

Wait until you are sure that you are sure, then ask your captain for the’conspirator’s 西安桑拿网 potion formula, she has it.

But, hey, I think you will stop there, the’conspirator’ is very demanding.

Dani While being ridiculed to twitch, he carefully remembered every word Anderson said, because this is a guy known as the strongest hunter, and he has rich experience in this approach, and he also vaguely understands that the key is to act, doubt The captain’s previous teachings also point to this aspect, 西安夜网论坛 but they are not so clear.

One day, I will let you know what a real conspiracy is! Danitz said hard, and turned to look at Gehrman Spa. Luo.

He cleared his throat, did not dare to look into the other person’s eyes and said:

I have already applied to the captain, and I will frequently contact the rebels in the future, and will often appear in Bayam. This

means that I don’t want to leave the Golden Dream. 西安耍耍网 But I often find opportunities to exercise myself? Heh, how do you feel like reporting your work to your immediate boss? Klein

secretly smiled, and said um . Danitz suddenly sighed, and the whole person was a lot more comfortable, if not a companion We are all watching behind him, he will definitely help

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