re also high-西安夜生活第一论坛网level legendary battles. Force participation. The dragons and the Titans are not lacking violent mania such as the Flame of the Molten Mountain. This kind of impatient dragons (Titans) have long been unable to sit still, and they have started small-scale melees in the coastal areas. The number of participants in the battle is uncertain. Go to war. The results of the battle each have their own winners and losers. The number of dragons that fell on the first day of the melee reached nine, and on the second day, there were 17 dragons. As the number of Titans and dragons gathered, the two sides The casualties will further expand. In this regard, the White Dragon Lord has no way. Even the ordinary dragon is standing at the top of the food chain. I am the only one who is used to it, and it is impossible to become a prohibited soldier in a short 西安耍耍网 time. Especially the new high-level legendary dragons, most of them are unwilling to stay in the white tower and wait for orders, and take the initiative to go to the mainland to participate in the chaos to hunt the Titans, but if you are not careful, the hunters will become prey. The poisonous mistress responsible for receiving reinforcements pushed in. Lord Amos, the teleportation platform has reached its limit again. understand. The lord of the white dragon holds the control core of the white tower, casting spells to help the teleportation platform cool down. After the white dragon lord finished casting the spell, the poisonous mistress asked: Your Excellency Amos, what is the situation now? How many dragons are willing to follow the collective command? Don’t worry, Ms. Greina, waiting for the Titans to suppress the situation, they will 西安夜生活网 naturally understand the importance of collective combat. The poisonous mistress frowned. But I am a little worried that when they understand, the dragon will suffer heavy casualties, so if the war fails, I will not be able to deal with Her Majesty the Dragon Queen. I also pay attention to this issue at all times. I h

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