The pages of the book are automatically turned up. After a few pages are turned, billowing black mist emerges from the pages of the book, and you can faintly see a man’s head with his mouth open. Screaming loudly! What

frightened Ivan was that he obviously didn’t hear any sound, but his eardrums began to swell, and his brain gradually became a little dizzy, as if someone was actually shouting in front of him. 西安桑拿网

The thick black fog gathered more and more, and the head seemed to be rushing out of the book for a while…


~ Ivan closed the book abruptly and slapped the black head on the page. As the book was closed, the black fog Also disappeared.

“It’s just a book, you can’t make it through the sky?” Ivan rubbed his ears and gritted his teeth.

It took a long time before Ivan dared to pick it up. The cover of the book read “Decrypted with Cutting-edge Black Magic”. The feel of the cover is obviously different from that of other books. It feels like touching the skin.

Is it human skin?

A thought flashed through Ivan’s mind, and Ivan suddenly felt a bit cold. Thinking of the painful appearance of the man’s head just now, it was really possible.

Ivan glanced at the reward task in the 西安夜生活第一论坛网 system, and there was no slight change, indicating that it had nothing to do with the reward, so he really accidentally touched it.

Ivan had to shove “The Decryption of Cutting-Edge Black Magic” back in dejection, and was planning to find the missing mechanism again. Suddenly, he suddenly noticed that the bookshelf in front of him seemed a little different from just now.

one two three four five six?

Every bookshelf in the forbidden book area is exactly the same. Books are divided into six rows and seven columns. But Ivan is keenly aware that the twelfth column of the bookshelf is obviously missing one cabinet.

What makes Yifan feel a little awkward is that there is obviously a missing cabinet, but the entire row of bookshelves is still neat and tidy, as if the space here has been distorted.



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