Elena is also convinced that her magic talent and knowledge of magic are not weaker than The learning ability of any top wizard.

And a few months later, the Gringotts Bear Strategy, after Gellert Grindelwald took the initiative to 新西安夜网 join, the whole plan suddenly became a lot more reliable and practical, which made Huo The upper limit of Gwartz’s influence in the future is higher than expected, and the fault tolerance rate of the plan is also higher than that.

As for a certain person who is behind the head of the Defence Against the Dark Arts professor, he has repeatedly quit because of his excitement. The ugly wandering soul of the Demon King’s chat group is embarrassed. From the beginning, Elena has not felt anxious because of this factor. When she

woke up, the sky outside was 西安耍耍网 just bright.

Elena turned her head and looked at the little badger alarm clock by the bed. , Sighed rather complicatedly. The

time is still less than seven o’clock as always.

Not surprisingly, she has been in the orphanage these years, in order to make 西安桑拿网 breakfast for other children, the biological clock that she deliberately cultivated in a short time is There is no way to turn around, and I don’t know whether after she left, the priest continued to supervise the children to practice a set of math learning questions every day, and then recite an excellent poem.

At this moment, Elena suddenly heard from her There was a rustling sound.

Elena turned her head, and in the shimmering light, Luna just woke up to the bright big eyes.

Well, now Elena wants to persuade herself to continue There is no reason to sleep.

After staring at Luna Lovegood for ten seconds, Elena raised her fingers and quietly pointed to the clothes on the side of the bed. The two silently put on wizard robes and walked through Quiet. The Hufflepuff dormitory walked out one after another.

Hogwarts Castle in the early morning was extremely quiet, the armors on both sides of the corridor were sleeping, and no one could be seen.

Elena took L

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