verage of the spell, I don’t know if he is dead…

It is worth mentioning that before the bloodline magic was lifted, Ivan also saw that Adrian was carrying out a large-scale bombing of the second floor. Perhaps it was suspected that the caster was hiding there… After a

while, the explosion upstairs stopped. After coming down, what followed was the sound of 西安夜生活第一论坛网 stepping on the stairs. Ivan looked at the two people on the ground and put the invisibility cloak on his body…

Chapter 323 This place is too weird! A

moment later, Several black-robed wizards walked down the stairs, carrying the bodies of their companions on their shoulders.

One of the black-robed wizards was in tatters. He limped as he went down the stairs and looked at Yad with bitter eyes. Ann, I was very dissatisfied 西安夜网论坛with Adrian’s behavior as bait, but he didn’t have the guts to attack…

Adrian’s face was gloomy and could drip out. Since entering this dark magic shop, it has only been more than ten minutes. Four people were damaged and others were injured.

What made him feel the most aggrieved is that until now, he hasn’t even seen the figure of the attacker, and his only record is 西安夜生活网 to blow up a powerful patron saint upstairs.

“Better not let me catch you!” Yadean scolded fiercely, thinking about how to torture the other party.

When I was upstairs just now, Adrian had already figured out that Ralph and the others would only end up in the opponent’s trap until they were hacked to death by a bunch of kitchen utensils…

he clearly reminded him. These idiots, don’t touch anything indiscriminately! 新西安夜网

Adrian scolded a few words secretly, but he also knew that Ralph still had some brains in his daily life. I am afraid that this time he fell into the trap not only because of negligence.

The powerful Yad’an, the strange guardian god, had personally experienced it before, and it was normal to be trapped in the first contact.

Fortunately, that thing was blown up by him.西安桑拿网 Using such a powerful spell, the mana consumption is def

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