ed by the etheric seal, Abraham’s life is hopeless in the realm of a master, but under the realm of the master, day after day accumulation and training can create a foundation that can be called the ultimate. 西安夜生活第一论坛网

Accumulate thin hair.

This was originally the opportunity that Abraham had been looking 新西安夜网 forward to for decades.

Now he gave him this opportunity to


Ye Qingxuan, lowering his head and cursing an swear word, forcing himself to stop thinking about it.

Now in his body, the heart music chapter that is so huge that even he would be scared is about to change. After a little time, it can be transformed into a real fate chapter.

And one of the sensational has three cores.

After combining Ye Lanzhou’s “Moonlight Chapter”, “Sage’s 西安夜生活网 Stone” inherited from Auschwitz, and Abraham’s “Scourge Resonance”, the Heart Music Chapter presents three different features.

As if there were three completely different hearts in his chest.


Three different etheric fluctuations resonated with each other.

As long as Ye Qingxuan completely integrates the three into one and turns them into his own heart sound, he can be promoted to the master, and even leap to the highest point of the master domain in one step.

Only the last kick,

but’this kick’ caused Ye Qingxuan a headache.

If you want to truly reach the realm of the’Trinity’, the three cores must be strengthened to the same degree.

Compared with the 西安桑拿网 Moonlight Chapter combined with the ladder and “Sage’s Stone” combined with Xiaoyuan, the part of “Scourge 西安夜生活第一论坛网 Resonance” shows a sense of incompleteness.

This is not Abraham’s omission, but a problem with the movement itself.

“Resonance of Natural Disasters”, as the name suggests, must resonate with natural disasters.

Because of his own character and traits, Abraham fits the “Silver Tide”, which is one of the eight major phenomena. Therefore, the destructive power and lethality are incredibly powerful.

But Ye Qingxuan was completely unsuitable for this path.

Although the movement

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