rt to protect himself, that is, to directly end the summoning and return Above the gray fog, he used the loss of two secret puppets and a few magical items in exchange for his own innocence.

Can’t care to be surprised that the luck thief charm is so magical, and the angels approaching the thief are so terrifying, Klein took 西安桑拿网advantage of the exchange of fate to return It was not over, and he raised the Seagod’s scepter in

his hand without hesitation. His dark blue papal vestment unfolded with the wind, and the golden triple crown reflected the light of blue and silver interlaced, and the top of the white bone scepter shot out in an instant. A bolt of lightning, intertwined into a ball, fell on the predators of the spirit world! 西安夜网论坛 The

silvery white suddenly blazed, flooding the target, and illuminating the surrounding area.

Once, twice, three times, Klein continuously urged terrifying ball-shaped lightning. Not stingy with his own spirituality.

Finally, he heard a roar that seemed to originate from the depths of his soul, and intuitively sensed that the target had collapsed.

Klein lowered the Seagod’s scepter and watched the silver lightning dissipate.

At this moment, his entire spirit body had become quite illusory, even if he was blessed by a tyrant, it was not real enough.

With the passing of the lightning, the invisible man in a translucent white robe appeared in Klein’s eyes again.

A little opaque light emerged from within, and the spirit predators as a whole split abruptly, turning into countless illusory 西安夜生活网 bubbles, one by one broken. The

tyrant succeeded

in hunting. At this moment, Calderon’s deeper area suddenly happened. The violent shaking, as if a huge monster was awakened by the death of the spiritual predator, or countless dangerous creatures

emerged from it . The indescribable feeling turned into a phantom gray, like a flood, from the bottom of the area. Rising layer by layer.

西安夜生活第一论坛网 Other spiritual predators? No, like more terrifying and terrifying creatures, the objects of

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