ful, so it screamed, or it should be a wolf howling. As for, why is it here? It is famous, probably because someone deliberately spread rumors to make everyone mistakenly 西安夜生活第一论坛网 think that this place is haunted, so as to cover up this matter.”

“This can all make you guess.”

Fred, George and Lee Jordan all looked shocked. With Albert, they didn’t expect Albert to infer so many things based on the traces and names here.

Of course they didn’t know that Albert had read the books of Harry Potter, otherwise they would only rely on this. Intelligence made him want to break his brain and estimate, but he couldn’t think of anything.

“Where do you think the secret path is?” Fred asked.

“Just look carefully, and you will definitely find the secret path.”

Several people were everywhere on the first floor. Search for the location of the secret path.

In fact, the so-called secret path is really not secret at all. It is a trapdoor, and there is a downward 新西安夜网 staircase after opening.

“Where do you think this leads to?”

No matter it is Fred George or Lee Jordan at the moment are very excited.

this is a taste of adventure.

“go to see to know.”

secret passages very dark, very cold, and the air is not smooth, made him feel a little difficulty breathing.

“count Now, go back!” Albert turned and walked back.

“Go back?” Fred didn’t want to go back.

“I probably guessed where this leads to.” Albert is 西安夜生活网 ready to play the drama again.


” Hogwarts, this is a secret road leading to Hogwarts.” Albert suddenly stopped and said, “There is a problem.”

“What’s wrong.” Lee Jordan didn’t understand what he was playing.

“You mean there was a werewolf professor at Hogwarts?”

“It could be a werewolf student.” Albert added, “The professor’s The probability is relatively low. I believe no one wants to take the risk.”

“How many secret roads are there to the outside of Hogwarts Castle?”

“This is probably the secret road leading to the beating willow.”

“Maybe, The beating willow was planted specificall

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