She used a variety of positions completely elude against humanity, but ultimately can not completely avoid these narrow gray shadow attack last, her limbs were this strange elongated shadow to wrap, and finally her neck!

Nigeria Lu was completely framed in the air, her body 新西安夜网 being pulled frantically, as if it would be torn at any time, and Yan Modao was even more tightly entangled on the ground, unable to move.

“That’s not fun,” said Nero, whose neck was almost deformed.

It’s just that at this moment, Teacher Pulin seemed to hear nothing from the moment he waved his hand to flip the black cover book in front of him like crazy, he didn’t do anything.

But the body of the black soul messenger 西安夜生活第一论坛网 was obviously not wiped out so easily. Nero looked really bleak, but these long and narrow shadows couldn’t really tear Nero apart for a moment.

Finally, with a new move, he waved his hand again, once again turning the black cover book into a fog, and a lot of black fog surged around because of the book turning.

These mists bring death to everything. They have no fixed target, but 西安夜生活网 simply bring death. Perhaps it can be said that they are originally aimed at everything.

This black mist is about to completely envelop the hospitals in the town, and it has spread more than fifty meters away, enveloping everything in the streets.

In the black fog, the pedestrians on the street fell down one after another, they even ushered in death directly!

In this black fog, Nero’s body even began to be madly 新西安夜网 corroded, which can even corrode the body of the black soul messenger What is the mysterious power of?

Maybe the boss will know whether to call the parents like a child has been bullied, and then call the boss? Nero suddenly had this idea in his mind, and almost without any hesitation, he planned to implement this idea.

Run if you can’t beat, and abuse if you beat. Isn’t it stupid to have parents and parents do not call them?


When she thought about it this way, a little black cat came slowly in

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