e Radiant Titans were fighting in the outer space of Heaven Mountain, while Tiamat and the Dark Titans fought dimly in the abyss, and only the God-level Titans could support the Star Titans. They teleported to the outside of the dimensional wall of Monkenado Titan World, ripped the space into the interior of the plane, and fought with the god-level dragon. The terrifying god-level melee engulfed a large area of ??land, leaving a huge pit in the center of the world, and the world was overwhelmed. An unknown feeling lingers in the hearts of the gods and evil rank powerhouses. This is a warning from the material position facing the saboteurs. If the gods and evil powers continue to fight, the entire Monknadu Titan world will be 西安夜网论坛 destroyed by the flames of war and become dust in the void. At that time, the laws of this large material plane will curse the saboteurs. For the evil gods, this curse is not fatal, but no one wants to bear this curse. The gods and evil-level powerhouses tacitly tore open the space, and the battlefield shifted from the inside of the world to the endless void. Without the worries of breaking the plane, the White Dragon Lord activated the chain of soul-passing to connect the gods and evil-class dragons, the floating city was fully fired, the elemental furnace was madly running, and the dimensional extinguishing cannon cleared out a large piece of void and rolled in the void From a terrifying energy storm. The god evil Titans headed by the Star Titans were crushed too much to raise their heads, but self-protection was no problem. The battle became a meaningless war of attrition. After a fierce magic showdown, the two sides separated and faced each other in the endless void. The dragon side looked down on the Titan with a victorious attitude, and almost everyone on the Titan side was wounded, looking at the dragon side with gnashing teeth. The Star Titan looked angrily at the dimension 西安桑拿网 wall behind the floating city, and then at the gem dragon king in front of the dragons: Sadivo! Thi

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