urge him to come down to work. But when he leaned on the wall and limped downstairs, he saw Seton sitting behind the counter smoking a cigarette with convulsions.

His eyes were bloodshot, and he was obviously on the verge of an explosion. The muscles of this 西安夜网论坛 monster-like man were beating angrily. Under his feet, he tore a whole dictionary of Common Languages ??to pieces.

“Uh, what happened?”

Ye Qingxuan was confused.

Seton pointed to the counter blankly. A text message sent by a messenger and a small box were lying on it.

That crumpled newsletter seemed to be different from different papers, similar to those written directly on some tough leather. The leather was good and hard to 新西安夜网 tear, but it was cracked by someone.

“For you, see for yourself.” Seton grabbed a handful of money from the drawer, slammed the door and went out to drink.

Ye Qingxuan picked up the newsletter in confusion, and was immediately stunned.

That’s a letter to myself

To my dearest employee, Ye: I am

shocked to hear about your serious illness, and I am really fidgeting in the field. Although we have not seen each other yet, I feel deeply concerned and concerned about this matter. This is probably what the Orientals call’fate’, right?

A bottle of medicament is included as you wish. Please feel relieved after taking it. Shop Just put it aside for now. I will reimburse you for medical expenses after returning to Avalon.

PS, Seton is a waste who knows nothing but eats. He doesn’t understand 西安夜生活论坛 the rules. If you make a fool of yourself, please reprimand and punish him instead of me, just like reprimanding a cat who can’t get through the fire ring. .

PS2, please say hello to another new employee, Ms. Bai Xi. If it is convenient, please reply me her measurements. I will bring her a long skirt as a meeting gift.

Your friend: Hermes.

At the end of the newsletter, there was also a coat of arms that indicated the noble status of the letter, but that coat of arms was particularly strange. It’s not like any sign Ye Qingxuan saw from t

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