said again.

Just like the night of the Holy Prophet, No one understands you, no one will help you, you are just fighting alone.

Lorenzo stopped abruptly, then turned to look at her, the smiling eyes were full of irony, but this time Lorenzo didn’t care. , He didn’t even bother to say anything to her.

So this time I will find a few more 西安夜生活第一论坛网 helpers.

He said, I don’t know what he remembered, his cold face showed a brief smile.

So the pure whiteness bloomed in the shadows, blooming in full bloom. The fireworks are just like that, and the pure flames rise and burn painfully against the darkness. The

Secret Blood Awakens 5%

of the large Geiger counter installed nearby detected the change in the index, and then transmitted the information, after ten seconds, in the distant broken dome Inside, the peeper system sounded a harsh alarm, and a scarlet target point appeared on the map.

At this moment, Seleu in the courtyard felt as if he was feeling something, and looked at the direction of Lorenzo’s disappearance. Leng, regardless of the other people who were still talking to her, she squeezed out the crowd and quickly followed.

You can 西安耍耍网 find it, right? The

demon hunter ran in the shadows, searching for the location where he thought it might be a life case. .

Yes, you want me to help you?

No matter how fast Lorenzo runs, Watson always follows him like a ghost, like a shadow of a person, no matter how fast you can’t run your own shadow. If it’s

free, the more the better. If it’s free, you should get out. , Don’t delay my investigation.

Lorenzo scolded 西安夜生活网 unceremoniously.

Watson was not angry about this, as if he knew Lorenzo would say so.

This time your enemy is very dangerous.

Just rely on poor quality. Blood-secret monster?

Lorenzo disdainfully said, although it is also a monster, Lorenzo is also an elite monster among the elite, how can that inferior quality be compared with himself.

No, no, I am 西安夜网论坛 not referring to it, of course it is not dangerous. , I’m talking about the person b

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