as been killed; the corpse is here; Hennyway is in the cell, but Joe will never release her.

What do you want, Master Qiao is all up.

It’s not because you are a member of the imperial royal family, you can let your doglegs kidnap and murder Joe’s family 西安夜生活网 unscrupulously, conspiracy to insult Joe’s young sister, Vema, and pry into the wealth of the Witto family.

Even if you are a member of the noble imperial royal family, if you and your dog leg did something wrong, you must be punished.

There is no such reason to say that under your lord’s envoy, you can still stand in front of the suffering lord with such arrogant, high-pitched cheeks after your dog legs have done these 西安夜生活第一论坛网 shameless deeds.

Joe’s pupils flushed slightly.

In the depths of his pupils, the three-circle and six-pointed star magic array was spinning rapidly.

Joe’s dark eyes stared straight at Frederick’s dark gray eyes. In Joe’s eyes, flames were boiling like a sea; while Frederick’s eyes were as harsh and indifferent as an iceberg.

Duke Rose stood between the two, with the small 西安耍耍网 folding fan in his hand flapping gently.

She looked at Frederick, then at Joe.

She looked at Joe, and then at Frederick.

She was inexplicably looking forward to the next performance of Frederick and Joe.

She had already made her attitude clear through her female guard—Henity was in the cell, and unless she agreed, she could not go anywhere.

“Why kill Hanks?” Friedrich and Joe faced each other 西安夜生活论坛 for a while. He finally couldn’t bear Joe’s provocative little eyes, and gritted his teeth and asked.

“He tried to… escape from prison.” Qiao said with a light smile: “He committed a very serious crime. The evidence is conclusive and the crime is irrefutable. But he did not honestly squat in the cell to cooperate with the review, but tried to escape. Prison… So, I was shot to death by random guns!西安夜网论坛”

Shrugging his shoulders, Joe said relaxedly: “As a policeman, the imperial law gives me the right to make decisions on the spot and kill the prisoner

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