and tyrannical expression.

It immediately raised its front paws, and Longzel was in the air, and there was nowhere to hide. .

critical moment, a hurricane blowing, abruptly wearing black armor disciplinary Knight pushed open, Yuri Louisiana’s shot hit the empty office, sparking the explosion-like sound, failed to hit the target.

elves As soon as the singer Shatas rushed out of the cave, she did not hesitate to take action and saved Longzel’s life.

Then, her hair opened again against the laws of nature, and the roots invented and entangled the electric light.

She used the tip of the arrow. Aiming at the huge king of the north who is flying slowly in mid-air, he firmly pulls the bowstring backwards. The

mid-air becomes gray and dark, as if dark clouds 西安耍耍网 are condensing, and there is electric light jumping.

Influenced by the punishment knight, the flying movements are not so smooth. Suddenly he retracted his wings and dived down, like a high-speed train crashed into Shatas.

At this time, the gray-blue calming figure rushed past and blocked the dive route of the king of the north!

Giant Groo Searle touched the ground again with one knee and thrust a broadsword that humans 西安夜生活网 could not use in front of him. A

light appeared like the dawn, erecting an unbreakable invisible wall.


! The collision between the frost dragon and the giant Grossel was like a battle A terrible explosion shattered the surrounding snow and ice and pushed it to the outside.

Grossel could not hold it, and flew out like a ball, rolled past Shatas, and hit the 新西安夜网 mountain with a bang. On the wall, it knocked down the snow and ice above, almost creating an avalanche.

But Yulysian did not retreat, but stopped in place. After the

dive was interrupted, its back two legs stepped on the ground, Leaning forward, his neck swinging, his mouth opened to the elf singer Shatas.

The nobleman of the Solomon Empire Mobert Zoroast had already come to Shatas’s side and hurriedly stretched out his 西安夜生活第一论坛网 right hand. , Quickly twisted

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