s from Ravenclaw College, and his behavior is very strange. In commemoration of his strange behavior, people publish his short biography in On the chocolate frog picture.

According 西安夜生活论坛 to the description in the book, Yurik’s own behavior is very strange.

Moreover, for a while, Yurik tried to prove that the wicked bird’s call is good for human health. He listened to it for three months. The cry of the wicked bird…It is well known that the chirping of the wicked bird will make the people who hear it lose their minds.

There is nothing special about this book, and Albert still can’t understand, why does the spell fail?

He put the book On the top of his cabinet, I suddenly remembered something, took out the parchment from my pocket, stared at it for a long time, and prepared to clip it back into the book.

However, Albert’s hand paused, He took out the magic wand from his pocket, touched the map lightly, and said: “Show your secret!”

Nothing happened?

“Well, I was really 西安耍耍网 troubled.” Albert took the parchment. After reading the above content, he fell into a brief silence.

“Sure enough, I have been with Fred for a long time, and even I have become a little funny.” Albert ridiculed himself and tucked the parchment back into the book.

He turned and left the dormitory. He didn’t know that when he first left, the parchment that was stuffed back in the book had undergone some subtle changes. 西安夜网论坛 As

soon as he walked into the common room, Albert found someone beckoning to him .

“Anderson.” he stopped the girl was a big man, standing in front of the other great momentum Albert.

“something?” Albert in children of the same age has been considered very high, but Compared with the girl in front of

me, it is half a head short. “It’s really boring, I’ve been looking for you for a long time.” The girl seemed to say in a mild manner, “Here, your letter.”

“Believe?” Albert looked puzzled, but still took the note handed over by the other party, and did not forget to say thank you.

“Professor Broad aske

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