arp 西安桑拿网 light burst out immediately, tearing the figure into countless pieces. Small pieces.

However, these small pieces are very illusory and have no real feeling.

The spectator saint used the skills of psychological stealth to create a phantom to cover up his own existence!

Swish! Swish! Swish!

Silvery white sharp awns or Running at high speed towards the spectator saints differentiated by Enyouni, or directly jumping out of the target, bursting from the inside.

Because he has a precise grasp and control of his own psychology and spirit, Klein’s dangerous intuition cannot be formed in his mind In the picture, it is difficult to predict his behavior, and let the silver-white rapier wait in advance where he is about to arrive.

Pedal pedal!

The giant knight covered in strong silver armor 西安耍耍网 carrying the big sword, rushed to the target, as if it could crash. A mountain.

—-Because of the existence of the Dark Domain, Klein, the secret puppet of the Silver Knight, can’t hide from the light, and can only attack directly.

Seeing this situation, the body of the spectator saint suddenly swelled, turning into a scaly gray scale, covering the shadows, a ferocious dragon with a prominent divinity.

The dragon 西安耍耍网 is huge, with solid gray scales and powerful claws, which forcibly blocked the silver The knight’s slash.

Amidst the bang and bang, a giant and a dragon hit the bricks of the ancient gods and kingdoms to shatter, and the palace collapsed and was in a mess.

Klein maintained a grandiose smile and carefully manipulated his secret puppet , He didn’t

care about that shadow.

No, he still did some interference. He controlled the spirit line of himself, the secret puppet, the chief of Silver City, Lovia, and the little sun, preventing the shadow from being successfully manipulated. Possibly; he stretched out his palm from time to time, summoning the historical pore image that the shadow was trying to summon, so that the efforts of both sides would cancel each other out.

Besides, Klein didn’

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