Vancent .” Heinus Vancent is a member of the Aurora Society, because Selena peeked 西安夜生活网 at his spell and performed a complete “magic mirror divination.” 西安夜生活论坛 “, leading him to encounter the investigation of the night watcher.

And Dunn Smith saw in his dream a scene that was close to the real creator but was different from the other’s widely circulated image. As a result, one was injured and the other died strangely.

Regarding what happened before, when Hood Ogan revealed the “Hanged Man” tarot card, Klein actually expected it, but he didn’t expect it to be presented in that way. Of course, this is an indirect contact. Compared with the fact that he directly “peeps” the “eternal blazing sun”, the worst outcome is that he is injured or slightly polluted.

Hearing Klein’s description, Dunn’s expression suddenly became solemn.

He frowned slightly, and said in a low voice:

“Huge cross, black nails, naked and blood-stained man hanging upside down” 西安夜生活第一论坛网

“I didn’t see too clearly. This is the reason why I was not harmed. I only pay attention. To the huge cross and the silhouette of the suspected hanging upside down.” Klein replied tactfully.

He was just “running” at the time, and

Dunn nodded as if thinking:

“Lan Erwusi’s visit to Hood Ogan is related to the real Creator and the Aurora Society.”

Klein was busy talking about the dialogue and seeing during the psychic. The picture was originally described, and at the end:

“Lan Erwus used to seduce Hood Ogan by acting, which is a so-called immortal divinity, but I can’t understand why he said that this is the worst and best of times. In the age of, well, perhaps, this is the unique speaking style of scammers.”

“The help provided by Hood Ogan involves a ghastly, dark altar. I suspect that Lanrworth is planning something terrible.” As

he said, in his heart One move:

“Captain, do you remember the letter to Mr. Z from the letter from the member of the Aurora Society I shot”

“He said in the letter, when the time is right, it seems that the day of destru

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