other party, and couldn’t help but speak. Exclaimed.

“Yes, I didn’t know that Professor Lockhart was so amazing!” 西安夜网论坛 Ron’s eyes widened and he stared at Lockhart who was fighting Snape on the stage in a daze.

“But it looks like Snape is better, Lockhart seems to be about to lose.” Harry added.

The surrounding little wizards nodded in agreement. Professor Flitwick also nodded slightly. In his opinion, Lockhart was not far from defeat.

Lockhart became Ivan’s Lockhart with the compound decoction, frowning in dissatisfaction, when he felt that Ivan Hals had put too much water in the battle, and he was completely sorry for the three thousand gallons he spent!

Listen ! Lockhart exclaimed disdainfully with the discussions of the little wizards in his ears. “You too underestimated him. If it were true, Snape would have died long ago!”

Lockhart’s high voice spread throughout the hall, and everyone turned their heads and 西安夜生活论坛 looked at him strangely. The professor was no exception, and Harry asked suspiciously.

“Ivan, how did you know that Professor Lockhart didn’t use his full strength?”

Lockhart coughed slightly, and was about to make up a temporary reason, while Hermione suddenly grabbed his right wrist and went straight. Staring at him.

“Wait, what about the bracelet you have been wearing?”

How do I know? Lockhart panicked suddenly, but Ivan didn’t give him that thing, so he could only make up.

“Yeah… I’ve lent that thing to someone temporarily…”

“Who did you lend it to?” Hermione became more suspicious.

Lockhart dodged his gaze at Ivan on the duel, but found that Ivan, who was fighting Snape, didn’t have anything like a bracelet in his hands, and he froze for a while and didn’t know what to say.


Lockhart kept silent, and Hermione’s repeated questions made the two professors keenly aware of what was wrong.

It would be fine if a little wizard behaved strangely at another time.

But now it’s different. There was an attack in the school yesterday, and the murderer has not been found

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