sources of the plane, precious magic ore, special medicines of the plane, and so on. Titan used magic technology to artificially plant some of the magical materials that are special to the plane of Mu Singer, which became the beginning of the nightmare for the natives of the plane of Mu Singer. Wei 西安耍耍网 Li looked at the village. Most of the villagers in the village were taking advantage of the moonlight to process the harvested magic materials. These ordinary villagers did not know about the important things such as the rule of the foreign race. They only knew that these inedible things were the treasures of the emperor. You must be punished. Time passed quickly, and the moon fell into the horizon. The villagers dragged their tired bodies to the door of the house. Huh! Huh! On the branch, a crow was standing in the bird’s nest and quacking, the unpleasant cry made people feel hairy. Isn’t this bird’s nest empty, where’s the crow? ! Although I really want to drive away the pesky crows, the villagers who have been tired for a day have no such leisure, and they have to work tomorrow. A couple heard the crows cry with a certain 西安夜网论坛 rhythm, their eyes sparkling, but they also entered the dilapidated thatched house like everyone else. It didn’t take long for the sound of sleeping snoring to rise one after another. Squeak~! The dilapidated wooden door was pushed open from the inside, and two sneaky figures came from inside the house to the outside, walked under the tree in the bird’s nest occupied 西安桑拿网 by the crow, and knocked lightly. Feeling the vibration of the trees, the frightened crow flew from the bird’s nest, keeping a distance of several meters from the ground, and flew to the distant woods. The couple quickly followed, and the two galloped like electricity, running fast through the night. Village road. If this scene is seen by an acquaintance, you must be shocked. After all, this is the speed that a professional can run away, and a professional is also a remarkable figure even in the city, not to mention this r

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