ar tribe have already Hatred was engraved on their faces.

Originally bordered to the north of El City was the Celtic tribe of barbarians. This veteran tribe in the south of the icy tundra has always been known for hunting slaves. Although they capture a large number of human men every year, the Celtic tribe never Hurt the human women, they are more like a group of shepherds. They think that Sloit Province is a huge pasture, and they just haunt Ayr city around 西安夜生活论坛 a radius of five hundred miles, where there are a large number of slaves, if for generations As the generations continue, they need human women to breed more slaves. They rarely destroy the town and lose a large amount of population.

It’s a pity that the Celtics’ young leaders made a very bold decision this spring. They colluded with the nobles of Sroyt City and wanted to swallow the Guards of Sroyt City. The final plan failed. The entire Celtic tribe’s 8,000 young barbarian warriors died by the Galloping River this spring, which was a fatal blow to the Celtic tribe.

The entire tribe was divided up by the rest of the surrounding powerful barbarian tribes this summer.

And what swallowed most of the territories belonging to the Celtic tribe was the mighty storm bear tribe from the northernmost tip of 新西安夜网 the ice tundra.

On the way from Mount Antiya to the town of Mas, our team has killed dozens of barbarian warriors from the Storm Bear tribe. According to Cynthia, these barbarians with Storm Bear tattoos prefer bloodthirsty Slaughter, these barbarians are even more crazy.

After the battle of the mountain pass in western Antiya, several of our teams were still repairing near the pass, and did not leave in a hurry.

These barbarian warriors with a giant bear pattern on their chests came so suddenly, I don’t know where these barbarian warriors came from.

Seven eagle teams killed more than three hundred barbarian warriors with magic traps in the mountain pass in western Antiya. Almost at noon the next day, there were more than two thousand

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