seems that they are discussing something, not very harmonious with each other. After arriving at the sanctuary, everyone is a rival.

“How about our alliance?” Sister suddenly Proposed.

“I’ll think about it.” Ramias joked with retreat as an advance. Before the alliance, what conditions shouldn’t be discussed?

“I have some information about this battle.” Sister Su Ya lowered her voice: “But I need to help me to the last person to make this information valuable.”

“Information sharing, final analysis. Victory.” Ramias was also unambiguous.

“Deal.” Sister Su Ya was obviously more refreshed.

After that, Sister Su Ya began to win over the 西安耍耍网 other female fighters in the team, and Ramias couldn’t help sinking into contemplation looking at what Sister Su Ya gave herself before leaving.

What Sister Su Ya gave her was obviously a copy, but only less than one-third of the content.

“As long as you follow you all the way, will you continue to be given the following content?” Ramias 新西安夜网 shook her head. If she hadn’t obtained the meditation training skills from Satuer in advance, she would have really followed Su. Ya seriously cooperate.

“It’s a pity that Su Ya must have already been training, and the progress may be much higher than me.” Ramias looked at the female fighters who were gradually moving under Su Ya’s persuasion, and shook their heads again. I am afraid that the progress will never catch up with Sister Su Ya.

But why does Sister Su Ya have?

Sanctuary, the Zodiac.

The sacrament was laid, the stairs on the mountains of the gods fell from the sky, and the goddess with the finger scepter walked down the stairs. Everyone in the sanctuary knelt down on the ground, chanting the name of the goddess: Athena. .

At the same time, the twelve palaces surrounding the goddess temple shot out golden light. The twelve 西安夜生活网 paths, representing the most powerful golden saint fighters, gathered in the goddess temple in the center.

The goddess was dressed in a white robe, and she who walked down the last ste

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