l feather and shook 西安耍耍网 it.

“Fox, come and pick me up.”

Hufflepuff common room.

As expected, as soon as I opened the barrel door, Elena looked up and saw she curled up in an armchair The little Hannah above.

Time is approaching late at night . After a whole day of class, Hannah Abbot, who still belongs to the category of normal humans, is naturally impossible to maintain very full energy.

“Elena, you can count back. the ”

I saw the little girl’s head just as iron small Jizhuo Mi general, there did not look at the point in the air, heard the door came the sound of the ring, was bleary-eyed suddenly raised his head and looked at the white hair appeared at the door Tuanzi, a look of resentment appeared in her eyes.

Elena glanced at Hannah with a sleepy face, sighed helplessly, and stretched out her hand 新西安夜网 to rub the head of Little Tie Niu.

“I didn’t tell you to not Wait for me, will you go to bed first?”

“But, if you get lost, I can go out to find you.”

Hannah shook her head, trying to make herself clearer, and said seriously.

In fact . , If Elena hasn’t returned to the dormitory after twelve o’clock, Hannah plans to go directly to Professor Dumbledore.

As for whether Mr. Filch will find out on the road, Hannah is not worried at all.According to Hermione’s analysis, as long as he uses the search for Elena as an excuse, Professor Dumbledore has a high probability of tolerating such night tours. behavior.

after all, before she and Hermione when school library (Elena this time in the potions classroom as a teaching assistant), just met a Professor Dumbledore, the elderly are also very aware 西安夜网论坛 of the over-representation, if there is If you have any questions, you can go to the principal’s office on the eighth floor to ask him for help.

“Idiot, how can you find me when Hogwarts is so big.”

Elena, who didn’t realize that her wings had been targeted by Old Carrot With a soft look, he smiled and shook his head, opened the package in his hand, and brought the two pairs of golden chicken wi

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