rienced sailor, he knows that decisive actions are inductive and contagious, allowing companions who have not yet made a decision to subconsciously follow or imitate.

Klein sees this, secretly He breathed a sigh of relief, gave up discussing the question of politeness, 西安夜生活论坛 stepped forward, and ran to the side of the hanged man.

Then, he felt a violent wind blowing from behind his feet, pushing him to support him to chase forward, which significantly reduced the gravity that he needed to overcome, and gained extra power, and the speed instantly increased more than twice!

In the whistling sound, Klein and Alger ran out of the area where the trees were sparse, and walked around to the dark side.

At this moment, the heartbeat of the two suddenly slowed down. It didn’t look like they were doing violent exercise at all. After basking in the sun in the afternoon, he was about to fall asleep.

Klein immediately felt his body chill, inexplicably gloomy and inexplicable, immersed in it.

At the same time, he saw the huge light of Alger’s lantern rising from behind. 西安夜生活网 The black shadow covered it inch by inch, and the corresponding scene naturally appeared in my mind:

a giant snake that could not be hugged by a single person drilled in the dark hole. This giant snake has large scales and burning flames. Exaggerated eyes.

Between the gaps in its scales, white feathers stained with light butter grew, and there were even a pair of thick wings that could be deployed behind it.

The giant snake raised its body half-crawling and half-flying, and wrapped around it. On a tall and sturdy tree, a black snake core was spit out, watching from a distance the two figures who broke into the nearby area.

Around it, the trees were withering fast, the weeds were all withered, and countless corpses were removed from the soil. The inside came out, and the invisible shadows surrounded the side.

Feathered snake!

This is a feathered snake!

In the Southern Continent, it is a sacred symbol and the emblem of the Eggs fami

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