sh was mostly lost. Sure enough, the mine had become a patch of water. At this time, [Excavator No. 1] was digging Yemin gems in places where there was no water, and the number of puppets was much less. Needless to say, the puppet dug out groundwater and flooded the mine. Lord White Dragon didn’t have time to trace the reason, and the dragon’s breath burst out from his mouth, and the water in the mine was connected to the submerged puppet and froze into ice. Later, the White Dragon Lord added some puppets and left. Now, the coalition forces of Baibao and the temple are racing against time. Seven days later. A huge white dragon was resting on the black ground. After being purified by the paladin, the land around the outpost did not smell of necromantic energy. The lord of the white dragon 西安全城安排网 took time to recover his magic power. Over the past seven days, the White Dragon Lord has been very busy, developing new high-value mineral veins, recovering the high-value ore that has been mined, and dealing with accidents in the excavation process. It can be said that these days, the White Dragon Lord has never closed his eyes, but for the dragon, not sleeping for seven days is only a pediatrics, because they can sleep for several years. Of course, the dragon can sleep for several years once it sleeps. Physically, the White Dragon Lord didn’t feel the slightest fatigue, but the high-intensity transmission made the White Dragon Lord feel a bit overwhelmed. It was not until the White Dragon Lord transferred from Baibao to help him that it was much better. There are just some problems that still have to be dealt with by the powerful White 西安耍耍网 Dragon Lord, such as the problems that occurred during the excavation, landslides, groundwater and other disasters, as well as the identification of newly discovered associated mineral veins and associated gems. That’s right! The host product of the white dragon collar broke out, and several companion gems and a companion mineral vein were discovered.Although not all companion gems

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