first floor.

Not a single student uttered a sound. On the entire first floor, only the sound of Joe’s hard teeth and cut off the beef fiber could be heard. Beef was continuously swallowed into the abdomen one by one, almost just 西安夜生活论坛 rolling in the stomach, it quickly turned into a stream of heat to be absorbed by the body.

Joe ate more than two hundred pounds of beef on an iron tray, then he reached into the window and pulled out a large basket full of brown bread. He grabbed a two-pound brown bread and dipped some beef broth into the iron tray.

“Delicious!” A

small half plate of beef soup and a basket of brown bread were quickly stuffed 新西安夜网 into his stomach by Joe.

Then there was a tray of fried bacon, a tray of fried eggs, and finally Joe swallowed more than a dozen wrist-thick beef sausages, which ended this hearty breakfast!

“I am very hungry in the morning, lunch and dinner will be much better.” Joe said to the dumbfounded duden seriously: “I didn’t make trouble, nor wasted food. I really eat a lot because my body… It consumes a lot!” The

crimson light curtain flickered in front of the eyes:

energy level: sea of ??power (perfect state: 100), sea of ??energy (perfect state: 100), sea of ??spirit (perfect state: 335) No. Tier Refining Potion (100), the first stage of Hydra of Chaos in the Guardian of the Duren Empire-Abyss Mayfly (100) (Physical Strength: 6.8 million pounds)

IQ: 63

Joe slapped his belly happily ,西安夜网论坛 Made a crisp sound.

He is really happy because, according to Laplace’s standards, his IQ has finally passed. Hey!

After opening up the spirit sea, Joe’s IQ finally passed, at least a lot higher than that of Longinus of Tulum.

Now Joe can clearly feel every moment, in his sea of ??energy, the crimson knight’s power is like a huge melting pot, and there is constantly a trace of heat going up in retrograde, 西安夜生活第一论坛网 after mixing with the majestic blood in the sea of ??power, it transforms into A complex force is injected all the way into the spirit sea just opened up between the

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