m poles and other objects, the White Dragon Lord couldn’t help but envy Gulgaru’s luck.The weapon used by a high-level legendary double-headed ogre is at least the ultimate legendary weapon.Gulgaru is so effortless. Started, and the favor is still owed by the White Dragon Lord. Thinking of his painstaking journey all over the star realm cities to collect materials, Lord White Dragon couldn’t help feeling a little depressed. Who is the protagonist? ! It’s just that the strength of the dependents is also considered part of the White Dragon Lord. Thinking this way, the White Dragon Lord feels more comfortable. The residents in the Black Rock Fortress were surprised to find that the soldiers who 西安桑拿按摩 had been on duty in various places had turned into jackals and ogres, and their jaws suddenly dropped. A group of adventurers who had just returned saw the tall ogre at the gate of the city and stayed on the spot hesitantly. If they hadn’t seen a human soldier talking and laughing beside the ogre, they might have just turned around and fled. What’s wrong? Is Black Rock Fortress occupied by monsters? How come the soldiers guarding the city are ogres? Didn’t you see the guard next to the ogre! It is estimated that the rotation time has come. As a veteran, the adventurer’s companion learned some news about the rotation and continued to walk towards the city gate. I have long heard that the next lord of the Black Rock Fortress is the dragon clan. I didn’t expect it to bring his family members over. Hey, hey, I didn’t expect my monster 西安桑拿网 hunter-Ogro to have a peaceful coexistence with monsters. Humph! There are so many things you didn’t expect! Another adventurer heard Ogro the self-proclaimed Monster Hunter sigh and couldn’t help but make a sound. Ogro, the dragon lord in your mouth and I are both from the plane of Nordhill. In our plane, it has a lot of fame. It has already established 西安夜网论坛 a country, well, and the wind is not bad. It is done in the world. Started a business. Oh? ! Is the dragon doing business? ! Is there

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