you doing! Snape! This is mine. You are disgusting!”

“No, I, I, I am not me” 西安夜生活论坛 the

woman opened The moment he fell to the door, Mr. Snape’s face was completely bloodless. His lips were trembling, his brain was blank, and he stared at everything in the room.

In the room, I saw a young guy who was looking out the door with a look of horror. He was holding a female underwear in his hand, and his other 西安耍耍网 palm had been inserted into his pants. among.



Mr. Snape screamed at this moment, and he rushed into the door desperately, “Why are you so ugly, what are you, what are you, what are you!!”

Grim, regretful and even vicious, old Snape’s face In the last moment, he wanted to strangle the young man sitting on the bed.

But in the end, he found that what he was pinching was just the trunk of the big tree. It was still…close to the forbidden area.


He was paralyzed on the ground for a moment, holding his brain in pain, and slammed into the trunk in front of him, his head battered.

How could I forget my… once so ugly side.



Chapter 191 Graduation and the Advent Man

Gan Hong lowered his head, gasping for breath, while watching the sweat drip from the end of his hair to the doctor It is said that this kind of rehabilitation training should not be too high-intensity, it is almost the 西安夜生活网 same as doing two hours a day.

But Gan Hong feels that her body can be eaten even though she is very tired now, but it is actually much easier than when she was training in the school.

The special classes in the school have not only a high elimination rate, but also a low mortality rate.

And the extent of this kind 西安夜生活论坛 of rehabilitation training is just this level,

“it’s almost the same, it should be hydrated.”


Gan Hong suddenly raised his head and saw Luo Qiu walking towards him with a splash of water.

Gan Hong was stunned and said: “Master Qiu”

“Drink some water first, you sweat too much.” Luo Qiu unscrewed the cover of the cock and sent it to Gan Hong.

Luo Qiu d

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