roken. The production method of the time converter has been lost for hundreds of years. No one in the Ministry of Magic should be able to see the specific use of this time converter before it was damaged. .

With his sixth-level alchemy level, he can only make a preliminary judgment that this time converter was damaged due to overuse, 西安桑拿网 how it was overused, and how long it went back to be unable to detect at all, let alone the Ministry of Magic Those people…

On the way to the principal’s office, Ivan and Hermione colluded with a confession, and when he arrived at the door, the lie had been made up by him perfectly.

Considering that Hermione was not good at telling lies, Ivan asked her not to speak casually 西安夜生活网 after she went in, and he could handle the Ministry and Dumbledore.

After making all preparations, when they arrived in front of the principal’s office, the two of them were dumbfounded, and they stood in front of the huge stone beast guarding the gate.

“It’s over, we haven’t had time to ask what the password of the principal’s office is?” Ivan patted his head. He patronized to make up the reason, but forgot to find a professor 西安桑拿网 to ask about the password.

“Zizi honey candy?”

“Toffee fingercakes?”

“Cockroach pile?”

Ivan tried one by one at the huge stone beast. When it came to the cockroach pile, the stone beast shook suddenly and issued Amidst the dull sound, it slowly rotated upwards, and finally revealed the hidden stairs.

“Ivan, how did you guess?” Hermione looked at Ivan in surprise.

“I have been to the principal’s 西安夜生活论坛 office several times before and found that Professor Dumbledore usually uses some sweets and drinks that he usually likes as his password, so I tried it. It seems that I have good luck!” Ivan explained with a smile , And then strode in.

Hermione suddenly realized it, and then she was a little upset. How could she have not thought of this before…

Chapter 366 This time you 西安夜生活网 will be even more surprised!

Ivan winds up the stairs, subconsciously in her brain. The

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