gence personnel of the extremely independent military 新西安夜网 intelligence bureau?

Thirdly, the means of Her Royal Highness Surely proved that the only object of allegiance of the Royal Knights is Her Majesty the Queen. Sullian was able to subdue Little Caesar for his own use. Among the members of the Royal Family, this strength is probably due to someone besides Her Majesty. Can it be compared?

Lieutenant General Otto, Mark Police Academy and others secretly interpreted 西安夜生活第一论坛网 a lot of information, and their mood became quite complicated.

Only Joe was the only one who admired the decoration in the small restaurant for a while, and then picked up the big wine glass sent by the waiter, and poured a big mellow, slightly bitter dark beer.

After a pleasant burp, Joe sat at a log table and blinked at Little Caesar: “Your Excellency, your people, and the people from Lieutenant 西安桑拿网 General Otto, and the Ruhr City Supervisor The people in the hall can’t attack Fort Boucher together? It makes me, very difficult to understand.”

Little Caesar stood at the dining table, exhaled heavily, and then stretched out his hand to the side.

The owner of the restaurant walked over, put a three-foot-long scroll on the table, and then slowly unrolled the scroll. On it was a well-made map. 西安耍耍网 Look at the unique pentagram of the castle. The shape of a bastion, this is a full picture of Fort Bucher.

Little Caesar slapped it to the center of the map, raised his head and glanced at Joe, Lieutenant General Otto, and everyone present.

“First of all, what you are seeing is the imperial secrets. After leaving here, I will not admit the existence of this map. Whoever dares to say a word will be severely 西安夜网论坛 punished by imperial laws.”

Qiao’s eyes widened and went straight. Looking at the map on the table.

The Military Intelligence Bureau of the Imperial Army set up a stronghold in the block near Fort Bucher, and it quickly took out a detailed and precise map of Fort Bucher. Qiao faintly felt that there was a way of setting Fort Bucher as an

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